Kingdom has a new Mobile App!

Kingdom has a new Mobile App
Kingdom has a new Mobile App
• Push Notifications

• Search for a Product

• Shop Kingdom's Product Categories

• Viewing Product Information and Specs

• Adding Products to the Cart

• View and Modify your Cart

• Using a Coupon

• Checkout

• Shipping

• Payment

• Placing your Order

• Order Confirmation

• Push Notifications

Push Notifications

In order to receive Push Notifications, you have to actively give your permission (on your mobile device) to receive them.

At the very bottom of the Main Menu is the link to "Settings" with a wheel icon next to it.
Tap the "Settings" link to go to the screen where you control your Mobile Device Settings for the Kingdom App.

Kingdom Mobile App Settings

Here is the screen you receive when you Tap "App Setting" on an iPhone.

App Settings

To receive Push Notifications from Kingdom, you must tap the "Notifications" link and select "Allow Notifications"


Allow Notifications

• Search for a product

• You can type a one or two word description of the product that you are looking for, a Part Number, or a Manufacturer name in the "Search" bar at the top of any page and then tap the blue "Search" button located at the bottom of the keyboard to complete your search.

Using the Search function

• Shop Kingdom's Product Categories

To get started, simply tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left-hand corner of the page.

Kingdom App Main Menu

Tapping on those 3 horizontal lines will open up the Kingdom App's Main Menu. From this Menu you can:

Shop all categories (See the red arrow indicating where you would tap to "Shop All Categories")

Shop all Kingdom Categories

to your Account

My Account

Contact Kingdom's Customer Service

Kingdom Customer Service Contact Information

View Kingdom’s policy pages

Kingdom has a new Mobile App

• You can shop by Category, from either the Main Menu of the Homepage of the App

Please note if you are using the Kingdom App Main Menu, our most popular Kingdom products can be found under the "Products" section

Kingdom Category Menu

• Tapping on Products will display these Categories. Once you tap on a category, you can scroll to find a product that interests you then simply tap on a product to learn more about it.

Kingdom Category Menu

• Viewing Product Information and Specs

• Tapping on the product photo will bring up a larger photo of the product. When you are done viewing the product, click on the X in the left-hand corner to return to the main product view.

Kingdom has a new Mobile App

• If you notice that the characters are cut off on the Description field, simply tap anywhere in the Description and it will open up the entire description in a new screen where you can easily read it. To return the the main product screen, hit the "back" arrow.

Kingdom has a new Mobile App

• Tap on "Tech Specs" to see additional product information.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs 2

• Tap the Back Arrow in the left-top corner to return to the Product's Main Page.

Adding Products to your Cart
• When you have decided that this is the product that you wish to purchase, simply enter the quantity that you wish to purchase and tap to "Add to Cart".

Add Products to Cart

Adding Multiple-Option Products (Media or Packaging) to your Cart

• For some products on the Kingdom App, there are several options to choose from within the same product page. To order from these pages, you start by tapping "Display All Options".

Buying Media or Packaging on the App

• Tap on the option that you wish to order (Please note, most items that are ordered in quantities of 100 have been placed into packages of 100.)

• To increase the quantity that you wish to order, tap on the Plus Symbol symbol. To decrease the quantity you wish to order, tap on the Minus Symbol symbol.

increase quantity

Once you have selected the quantity that you wish to order, Tap on "Done" and then "Add to Cart".

Add to Cart

• View and Modify your Cart

• When you have added your items to the cart and you are ready to begin the checkout process, tap on the Cart Icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen to get started.

View Cart

• Here you can easily view and modify your cart.

View Shopping Cart

• If you wish to remove an item entirely, tap on the red X in the right-hand corner of the product block. If you want to reduce the quantity of a product, tap in the quantity box. Scroll to the quantity you want to order, and select Done and the quantity will update.

Quantity Update
Modify your Quantity

Using a Coupon?

• Enter it in the box and tap "Apply".
(You can also add a Coupon Code on the Order Review Screen, during the Checkout process).

Add a Coupon

• Checkout

When your cart reflects the correct total and you are ready to complete your order, tap on either the "PayPal Checkout" button or "Checkout" button.


If you select PayPal Checkout, you will be taken to the PayPal login screen, where you will complete the payment process.

PayPal Checkout

If you select Checkout, you will have 3 options to select from as you begin the Checkout process.

Kingdom App Checkout

• Select "Checkout as existing customer", if you have an existing Kingdom Account and password.

From this screen, you will be taken to the Login screen, where you will enter your Email Account and Password for your Account.

(Please note: having a customer number for phone orders does not translate to having a Account. Even if you are an existing Kingdom Catalog customer, with a customer number, you need to create a separate Account. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.)

Checkout as existing customer

• Select "Checkout as a new customer", if you WISH to have a Account, but do not already have one.

• "Checkout as guest" is for customers who do not wish to create a account.

Please note, if you select the "Checkout as guest" option, you will NOT be able to ever see your order history on If you like having the ability to review order numbers and items ordered for reference when placing future orders, please take the time to create a customer account.

Whether you choose "Checkout as new customer" or "Checkout as guest" you will need to fill out multiple fields of information for billing and shipping addresses, in order to process your order.

Checkout as existing customer

• Shipping

Even if there is only one Shipping Method shown, you must still tap on that shipping option to place an order. You will know that you have successfully selected a Shipping Method when it has an orange checkmark visible to the left of the shipping Method. If there are several Shipping Methods available, simply select the one that you wish to use and confirm the orange checkmark is to the left of the Shipping Method that you desire.

Shipping Method

• Payment

Kingdom has a new Mobile App

You have three payment methods to choose from:

PayPal Express- You will be taken to the PayPal login screen, where you will complete the payment process.

Credit Card( you will be taken to a screen where you will enter your Credit Card information and tap "Save". Please note, is our secure payment portal that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express Credit Cards.

Credit Card

Check/Money Order- you will see Kingdom's mailing address, which is where you should mail your Check or Money Order payment. Please note, your order will not be shipped until payment is received and processed.

Check or money order

• Placing your Order

place order

Please look over your Billing and Shipping Addresses, your selected Shipping Method, your selected Payment Method, and the products that you are ordering.

If everything is correct, you must:

1)Tap the Checkbox "Accept the terms & conditions" and then

2) Tap " Place Order"

• Order Confirmation

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a screen that lets you know that your order has been placed successfully, and gives you an order number.

order confirmation

You will also receive an email confirming your order to the email address that you provided.

order confirmation

Should you have any questions regarding an order after it has been placed, please give us a call at 1-800-296-2312 or you can email us at